In recognizing that technology will never
replace relationships,
Pinnacle delivers
technology to facilitate
the development
of relationships.
Your predefined business processes are implemented as success tracks that clearly define detailed steps and tasks to follow for success.
Solution fully branded and configured for your specific needs.
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with a duplicatable formula for success
and a high-tech high-touch support system

Direct Selling Association 
The Direct Selling Association reported that the direct sales industry suffers from an 86% attrition rate. More than 8 out of 10 new distributors go out of business in their first year. 

Entrepreneur Magazine
According to Entrepreneur Magazine, 90% of independent businesses fail in five years; conversely, franchised businesses have a success rate of 81% for the same time period. The reason they explain is simple, franchises provide a proven formula for success and a support system. 

Pinnacle helps companies predefine their business processes for the sales reps to easily follow.

Pinnacle also provides a personal mentoring support system to help sales reps be successful.

Pinnacle provides a solution that can significantly increase the recruiting quality and the retention rate by providing a proven formula for success and a support system to start approaching the success rates that franchises experience.











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