In recognizing that technology will never
replace relationships,
Pinnacle delivers
technology to facilitate
the development
of relationships.
Your predefined business processes are implemented as success tracks that clearly define detailed steps and tasks to follow for success.
Solution fully branded and configured for your specific needs.
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Custom Sales Performance Solution
Pinnacle provides a custom private-labeled solution for mid-size to large sales organizations with independent sales representatives. The custom solutions include the company’s proven formulas for success with all supporting business processes, sales processes, company training, support documents, Q&A knowledgebase, marketing strategies, targeted-marketing tools, email templates, mentoring tools, communication tools, reporting tools, custom web pages, and custom software tools as necessary.

The Pinnacle Solution is a software engine that can be fully configured for the specific needs of the customer, enabling or disabling any of the features and sub-systems. Pinnacle can offer a free trial membership, month-to-month commitment, and 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee, direct billing, customer support help desk, referral program, multiple membership levels, custom company branding and web pages, custom leadership co-branding, custom company success tracks, custom company email templates, custom information pages and downloadable company documents. 

The Pinnacle solution also includes a complete back-office for the company administrator to maintain the company’s content, membership and related information with no technical expertise required.













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