In recognizing that technology will never
replace relationships,
Pinnacle delivers
technology to facilitate
the development
of relationships.
Your predefined business processes are implemented as success tracks that clearly define detailed steps and tasks to follow for success.
Solution fully branded and configured for your specific needs.
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Mr. Robert A. Wood – President,
is the founder and architect of the Pinnacle Performance Institute, a business consulting company with a passion for performance in sales, marketing and technology, headquartered in Plano, Texas. He has been a senior technologist for over 25 years with both Ross Perot and Bill Gates and founded during the Internet gold rush, raising $15M and building it to a $200M corporation. He also founded the underlying technology company, WinTech, Inc. in 1995 and has served as its President & CEO from its inception. WinTech is a premier developer of scalable client-server multi-lingual Internet business solutions at a fraction of the normal time and cost. From 1998 to 2001, Mr. Wood served as the Chief Technology Officer, President & CEO, and Chairman of the Board of Directors for, an online e-commerce solution for merchants. From 1990 to 1995, Mr. Wood served as Senior Consultant and Developer with Microsoft Corporation. While at Microsoft he was responsible for assisting both the management and technical staffs of Fortune 500 corporations in understanding, architecting and constructing distributed application architectures. Mr. Wood was president of Executive Micro-Systems from 1988 to 1990 and a systems engineer for Electronic Data Systems Corporation (EDS) from 1985 to 1988.

Mr. Wood is a regular speaker at entrepreneurial forums training business professionals on marketing strategies and the “Secrets of Online Marketing”. He provides consulting services on all aspects of business including organizational performance, sale and marketing strategies, employee productivity and retention, successful solution implementation, technology leverage and custom software development.
Mr. Wood's areas of technical expertise include solution development discipline and methodology, component-based application architecture, business process re-engineering, user interface design analysis, legacy system integration, multi-lingual solutions, relational data modeling, system development tools, technical instruction and project management. 

Mr. Wood has twenty-five years experience with over fifty corporations as an Information Technology Consultant, Systems Analyst, Systems Programmer, Application Developer, System Tools Developer and Systems Architect in the corporate and commercial software development environments. He is also chief architect of the Hyper-Object Technology (HOT) application architecture. 

Mr. Wood is an original member of the International Methodology Team that developed the Microsoft Solution Framework (MSF) and the Microsoft Solution Development Discipline (SDD). As a methodology evangelist and Certified Master Trainer, Mr. Wood traveled throughout the United States building development teams and architecting client server systems for Microsoft clients. 

In addition to his regular consulting and management responsibilities, Mr. Wood was published in the Microsoft Systems Journal, published the blue book on "Re-engineering Software Development", and presented numerous executive lectures for Fortune 500 corporations on “Re-engineering Software Development”.
Mr. Wood also has several years of business administration and marketing experience before his transition to the application of technology in solving business problems and realizing business opportunities.

Mr. Jason Goudy – V.P. of Operations, has been with Pinnacle from its inception and has played a key role in the development of Pinnacle. Previously, Jason served as General Manager, Time Management and Technology Consultant, and Management Trainer for FranklinCovey. While with FranklinCovey, he revitalized two of their most prominent retail stores and consulted with companies like Godiva, Microsoft, Mary Kay, Hillwood Development, and many others.
Jason was the founder, President, & CEO of Dust Gone Services, 1997-2002, a company specializing in dust containment and removal. He was the inventor and creator of the Dust Gone Temp Wall and Dust Gone Dust Removal System. Through Jason's leadership, Dust Gone Services forged a new industry standard significantly impacting both the wood flooring and remodeling industries. From 1991- 1997 Jason worked as a Funeral Director, providing an opportunity to serve people during their time of greatest need. He was also exposed to business at a young age. From the time he was eight years old he worked side by side with his father, for over 15 yrs., in his father’s business. 

Jason's areas of expertise include; business management, marketing, management and employee training; business systems and processes, design and implementation of cutting edge concepts, sales to large and small businesses, personal digital technology, training on new technology, personal and family counseling, has extensive experience in business and leadership development. 

Jason has served his community through involvement in Lions, Kiwanis, and other clubs and associations. He served on the board of the Utah Hardwood Flooring Association and also has trained, taught, and instructed countless youth through his church and community service. Jason married his high school sweet heart and loves his four beautiful children and has a passion for developing people and a deep desire to help individuals improve their lives.

Mr. David Foote – V.P. of Business Development, has recent experience as the President & CEO of a multi-million dollar tourism enterprise with several wedding chapels in Las Vegas. He was previously the founder and President of a successful residential and commercial construction company throughout Nevada with offices in Reno and Las Vegas, with additional expertise as an operational manager for a national transportation company.
Mr. Foote is responsible for the current development of a team-building guest ranch in southern Utah for corporate management teams to enhance performance. Mr. Foote has similar guest ranches planned for Arizona, California, and the Grand Canyon. Mr. Foote is experienced working at the executive level in developing business opportunities.

His executive contributions to Pinnacle include expertise in International marketing, contract negotiations, finance and accounting, business administration and vendor relations. 

He is fluent in French and is a dedicated family man with his wife and six children.

Mr. Bart Bateman – Director of Sales, is responsible for meeting sales projections for the Pinnacle Performance Institute. As V.P. of Sales for a prior company, Innovative Marketing, he has been successful in product development and marketing by creating over $1,000,000 in sales with a new product. With, Bart, as a Strategic Account Executive, in less than three months, personally committed 20 merchants to partner with, and increased web site product count by over 200,000 products. He was individually responsible for developing 40% of website product content, out of ten sales associates and secured contracts and projects from large merchants such as, CD and others.
For Digital Convergence Corporation, Mr. Bateman Created a program of free and discounted merchandise for users of proprietary technology- including the writing and negotiation of contracts, rates, marketing approaches and strategies. He negotiated partnerships with other Internet entities such as and and researched and created internet marketing proposals for the executive branches of the firm and their clients. With Evergreen America Corporation, Mr. Bateman was a Senior Sales Representative and annually maintained gross sales of over 25 million dollars for an international steamship line. Bart has a Bachelor of Science Degree from BYU and is fluent in Japanese. 

Bart is an Eagle Scout and former scoutmaster and is now serving as Assistant District Commissioner for the Scouts locally. He, his wife, and eight children were awarded 2001 Family of the Year in Plano, Texas where they reside.

Advisory Board

Pinnacle is assisted by the following Advisory Board professionals.

Jack Wilder, Former President – Direct Selling Association

Jon Scholl, Senior Partner – Boston Consulting Group

Jim Seaberg, Former Senior Partner – McKinsey Consulting

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