In recognizing that technology will never
replace relationships,
Pinnacle delivers
technology to facilitate
the development
of relationships.
Your predefined business processes are implemented as success tracks that clearly define detailed steps and tasks to follow for success.
Solution fully branded and configured for your specific needs.
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Pinnacle History
Pinnacle was established in the beginning of 2004, primarily focused on the research and development of its Internet training and certification solution. Pinnacle acquired its first major client, EcoQuest International, along with various other minor clients in the summer and fall of 2004, generating a revenue stream to help sustain the company. Through 2005 and 2006, Pinnacle continued to apply feedback from its customers and users to refine its solution into a comprehensive sales performance solution. In the process of marketing its unique solution, Pinnacle has acquired contracts with DHL International Shipping, Homemade Gourmet,, and Vondell McKenzie, of Nova Leadership, the 3rd largest leader in the Avon Corporation.

Value Proposition
Pinnacle’s total value proposition to sales organizations exceeds its superior technology platform to include a comprehensive sales performance solution with Pinnacle’s extensive business expertise, broad industry coverage, traditional and Internet marketing expertise, personal and professional performance expertise, and dedicated research on business performance best practices. 

Management Team
Pinnacle is led by its founder and President, Robert A. Wood, a 30-year business, marketing and technology veteran with Bill Gates and Ross Perot; Jason Goudy, V.P. of Operations, 15 years as a businessman, entrepreneur, and manager for Franklin-Covey; Bill Coleman, V.P. of Sales & Marketing, 26-year sales executive with IBM, Hewlett Packard, AT&T, and multiple Internet and direct sales companies; David Foote, V.P. of Business Development, 25-year entrepreneur, businessman, and business developer; and Bart Bateman, Director of Sales, 20-year sales executive and corporate account manager. 

The Pinnacle Sales Performance Solution has been completely designed and constructed internally using, Ilingual, an advanced Rapid Application Development tool. Ilingual produces multi-lingual Internet business applications in a fraction of the normal time and cost. Pinnacle owns and controls all the source code and is able to make rapid changes to the application to produce new functionality quickly. Ilingual also supports the ability to produce Internet business applications in any of the 125+ languages and dialects supported by Microsoft Windows.

The Pinnacle technology division spun-off from Microsoft in 1994 to become a Certified Microsoft Solution Provider working within the business community to develop Internet Business Solutions for companies leveraging the power of the Internet in meeting their business objectives. It specializes in the development of client-server multi-lingual Internet Business Solutions.  It has an impressive track record of successful Internet solutions including a powerful toolbox of specialized solutions in the following industries and areas of expertise.

Real Estate 
Sales & Marketing 
Business Consulting
Network Marketing 


Internet, Intranet and Extranet 
Multi-Lingual Systems 
System Performance Analysis 
Client-Server Architecture 
System And Data Integration 
Business Process Re-engineering 
User Interface Design Analysis 
Relational Data Modeling 
Systems Service Development 
Project Management 
Field Rep Mgmt Systems 
Claims Processing Systems 
Financial Analysis Systems 
Marketing Analysis Systems 
Costing Systems 
Accounting Systems 
Financial Reporting Systems 
Network Marketing 
Viral Marketing 
Online Shopping Malls 
Shopping Carts 
Product Search Engines 
Email Communication Systems 
Affiliate Marketing Systems 
Permission Marketing Systems 
Online Coupon Systems 
Local Shopping Engines 
Consumer Personalization 
Special Occasion Reminders 
Gift Registries 
Gift Certificates 
Virtual Communities 
Sales Resource Centers 
Affiliate Resource Centers 
Administrative Control Systems 
Customer Management Systems 
Sales Rep Management Systems 

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